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Autumn 2019   

Thursday 5th September - Red Joan (12A)

Thursday 3rd October - Collette (15)

FRIDAY 1st November - Rocketman (15)

Thursday 5th December - Fisherman’s Friends (12A)


Tickets at Daisy B's available from the Monday after the previous show


The Keeper (15)  

The Keeper tells the extraordinary true love story between a young English woman and a German PoW, who together overcome prejudice, public hostility and personal tragedy. While visiting a PoW camp near Manchester at the end of the 2nd WW, Margaret Friar, the daughter of the manager of the local football team notices a young German soldier Bert Trautmann. Her father is so taken by Bert's prowess as a goal-keeper that he gets him out of the camp to play for his local team - Margaret's and Bert's love blossoms despite local hostility and resentment of the German PoWs. In the meantime Bert's heroics in goal are noticed by Man City and rather than going back to Germany like many of the other inmates, Bert marries Margaret and signs for Man City. His signing causes outrage to thousands of Man City fans, many of them Jewish. But Margaret wins support from an unexpected direction: Rabbi Altmann and Bert's path to acceptance begins, peaking at the 1956 FA Cup Final.

"The motif of duty and the lost innocence of war is revisited throughout. The dramatic performances in the movie are strong throughout. David Kross is excellent as the troubled Bert Trautmann but he was also superb in The Reader 10 years ago. One of the many things which struck me whilst watching from a modern standpoint is the parallel with the returning IS soldiers and how the loud echoes of intolerance seem equally prescient now as they did when Trautmann’s signing for City was met with loud protests. There are clear lessons in the past which are both uplifting and inspiring." David Cook (Fan Sided)


Running time 120mins 



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